International Student Insurance Requirements

Insurance Waiver Requirements for all International Students

All International students are required to have health insurance while attending UNC Charlotte.  Students may enroll into the Student Health Insurance Plan or they may enroll in another US or home country plan that meets the University's minimum health insurance requirements. In order to waive the Student Health Insurance Plan, students must complete the online waiver form with Blue Cross Blue Shield.  

Your health plan must meet the following minimum requirements:

Minimum total benefit/coverage of $100,000 (USD) per accident or illness
Plan deductible of no more than $500 (USD)
Minimum of $50,000 (USD) for medical evacuation
Minimum of $25,000 (USD) for repatriation coverage
Policy must be active for the entire duration of the academic semester
Pregnancy and mental health benefits (must be comparable to the benefits offered in the Student Insurance plan)

**Important notice regarding non-US health insurance plans.  After completing the online insurance waiver you will be required to send a copy of your policy declaration page for review. All information must be submitted in English and all of the benefits and exclusions of the plan must be clearly stated. If the policy does not meet the minimum requirements and/ or it is not completely in English, the waiver will automatically be declined and students must purchase the University sponsored plan.