The Student Blue link to waive or enroll in insurance is open.
Please wait 2 to 3 business days after registering for classes before attempting to waive or enroll in insurance.
The deadline to waive or enroll is September 24, 2020.


If you have questions, email, call 704-687-7435,
or come by the Insurance Office in the Student Health Center 
8:00 am - 5:00 pm   Monday - Friday



  • Students are required to have health insurance. Students may remain on their parents’ insurance or buy their own insurance. Students provide the university proof of insurance with an on-line waiver. Students without insurance may purchase the Student Blue Student Health Insurance.
  • Click the Student Blue UNCC link above to waive or enroll the Student Blue insurance.  Verification of insurance will begin in Fall 2020. 
  • The premium for Fall 2020 Student Blue health insurance is $1,308.40* pending DOI approval. If you have insurance, you must have an approved waiver or you will be responsible for the Student Blue insurance premium of $1,308.40* pending DOI approval.
  • Please read the emails from the Student Blue and Student Health Insurance Dept. for the most up-to-date status of your waiver request. Emails will be sent to the student’s .uncc email address. Student Blue has the option for you to have a secondary email address, such as a parent’s address. 


The UNC System has selected Student Blue as the Student Health Insurance carrier. Student Blue is underwritten by Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina. 

The Student Blue premium for 2020-21 is charged twice a year.

  • $1,308.40* pending DOI approval for the Fall Semester. Coverage from August 1 through December 31, 2020.  To waive, your insurance must have an effective date no later than September 1, 2020.
  • Spring Semester coverage runs from January 1 through July 31, 2021.  To waive, your insurance must have an effective date no later than February 1, 2021.
  • The deadline to waive the student health insurance for Spring 2021 semester is February 1, 2021.  All waivers must be submitted on-line at the Student Blue site (link above).  An approved waiver will remove the $1,308.40* pending DOI approval charge from your Student Accounts in 4-6 business days.
  • Students who have an existing Blue Cross Blue Shield plan for family or individual coverage must complete the waiver process as well. Students who are covered under a different health insurance plan are welcome to consider Student Blue.
  • If you have out-of-state health insurance, please review your insurance plan to confirm the type of medical coverage it has in the Charlotte region. The waiver verification process does not check this. 



The following UNC Charlotte students are required to have health insurance and are automatically charged $1,308.40* pending DOI approval for the UNC System Student Health Insurance Plan when they register for the semester. You must provide proof of insurance on-line at the Student Blue link above in order to waive the premium:

  • Undergraduate Students: enrolled in six or more degree-seeking credit hours.
  • Graduate Students: enrolled in three or more credit hours in a degree-seeking or certificate program.
  • International Students: All studetns with F-1,F-2 or J-1, J-2 visas.



  • The Insurance Requirement does not apply to students enrolled in a Distance Education program. Distance Education students are ineligible to be enrolled in the Student Blue Plan.
  • Many online courses are not designated as Distance Education.
  • Medicaid Family Planning is not credible health insurance and will not be approved to obtain a waiver.
  • If you have been charged $1,308.40* pending DOI approval for the Student Blue plan on your UNC Charlotte Student Account, you are required to have insurance.
  • Only students who are eligible for the mandatory hard waiver UNC System Student Health Insurance Plan are eligible for coverage.
  • All charges for the Student Blue insurance premium will appear on your UNC Charlotte Student Account.  Please review it to see charges and credits. When your waiver has been approved, a credit (looks like a payment) of the amount of the premium amount will appear on your Student Account.
  • Student Blue insurance will NOT provide coverage for dependents, (spouses, domestic partners and children). It also does not cover students on a voluntary basis.
  • To waive using TRICARE or Veteran Affairs insurance, enter the sponsor or Military Member’s social security number or D.O.B.
  • If you are purchasing Student Blue insurance, you must go online to activate the insurance. 
  • Insurance premiums cannot be prorated.


If you have any questions about the insurance or why you were charged for insurance, please call or email us. Also, feel free to come to the Insurance Office on the Student Health Center lower level.

Phone: 704-687-7435


Updated 5/04/20