Travel Services

Students planning to travel or study abroad can receive current travel information and vaccination recommendations for their specific itinerary. An International Travel Immunization Record is also available, upon request. Most vaccinations typically advised for travel are available. View the “Available Vaccines” section of this website. Call 704‑687‑7424 for more information.

Plan to visit the Travel Clinic at least one month prior to your departure. Some vaccines require advanced planning to work effectively.

Please note: If students are enrolled in the University student health insurance plan, additional insurance will not be necessary for travel outside of the U.S.

Please view the sites listed below for additional health and safety warnings for the countries where you plan to travel.

It is advisable for you to check these sites up to your date of travel and register your trip through the US State department (see safety tips/Smart Traveler Enrollment Program)?

Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Student Travel Information

Travel Health Online

World Health Organization

Last updated 9/8/2015