Withdrawing from UNC Charlotte

Student Health Center Services

Students must be enrolled at UNC Charlotte in order to use Student Health Center services.   Students who withdraw from the University, whether they receive a refund of the Health Fee or not, are not eligible for medical services except for one follow-up visit at the discretion of the attending provider for an illness or injury treated immediately prior to the withdraw.  However, students who withdraw from the University may continue to use the Student Health Center pharmacy.  For more information, call 704-687-7400 and select Appointments.

Student Health Insurance

Students with Student Health Insurance who withdraw on or before the Insurance Waiver/Enrollment Deadline will be automatically withdrawn from the plan. The premium will be refunded to the student’s Student Account. If a student received services at the Student Health Center, those charges will also be forwarded to Student Accounts.

Students who withdraw after the Insurance Waiver/Enrollment Deadline may continue to use the Student Health Insurance but they cannot be seen at the Student Health Center. There will be no reimbursement of the premium even if the student wishes to cancel the Student Health Insurance. Students who withdraw in the Fall will be covered by student insurance until December 31. Students who withdraw in the Spring will be covered until July 31.

Insurance Waiver/Enrollment Deadline: Fall semesters:  September 10. Spring semesters: January 31. If the date falls on a weekend, the deadline will be the next business week day.

For more information about UNC Charlotte’s withdrawal process, go to the Withdrawal Services web site:

Withdrawal Services >>

For more information about insurance, contact the Student Insurance Office in the Student Health Center.

Phone 704-687-7435. Email myinsurance@uncc.edu