Meet Our Staff

David Rousmaniere, M.B.A.


David is responsible for the administration of the Student Health Center.  He manages the budget and is the University’s HIPAA Privacy Officer responsible for patient confidentiality policies.

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Emily Stewart, RN, B.S.N.

Associate Director of Clinical Services

Emily manages the services provided by the clinical areas of the Student Health Center. She supervises staff in the laboratory, radiology, immunizations, and nursing departments. She also coordinates services provided by our Physical Therapist and Registered Dietitian.

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Lacrissa Johansen

Associate Director for Business

Lacrissa supervises the front desk and insurance office staff.  She is responsible for purchasing, accounts payable, interdepartmental transfers, and journal entries.

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Brandi Simpson, M.A

Associate Director for Administration

Brandi supervises the Medical Records/Referrals Department.

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Maria Bard, RN, BSN

Nursing Supervisor

Maria serves as the Nursing Supervisor. She provides oversight for patient care provided by the nursing staff in the medical clinic. Maria also arranges free HIV testing clinics at the Student Heath Center, in conjunction with the Carolinas Care Partnership.

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Donna Cavelli, RT(R)

Radiology Technologist

Donna coordinates the services provided in the digital x-ray department which accepts orders from Student Health Center and outside providers.

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Kay Denny

Insurance Coordinator

Kay is responsible for the mandatory health insurance program including waiving & enrolling in the Student Health Insurance.  Kay also assists patients with general insurance & claims questions.

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Jan Hardin, MT, (ASCP)

Lab Supervisor

Jan coordinates the services available in the medical laboratory where specimens are collected and testing is conducted for patients within the Student Health Center as well as for patients with orders from outside medical providers.

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Katie Powers, MS, RD, LDN

Registered Dietitian

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Chris Rogers, PharmD


Chris is the Pharmacy Manager.  He oversees pharmacy operations, including ordering and dispensing medications, and supervising the other staff pharmacists.

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