Allergy Clinic

Allergy injections are provided to patients in the build-up or maintenance phases of immunotherapy. An appointment is required. Our policy requires that patients receive the first and second injection of their first vial of initial build-up in their allergist's office.

Allergy clinics are offered twice weekly through the academic year on Mondays from 1:00 PM-3:30 PM and on Thursdays from 8:30 AM-10:30  AM. Call for information about summer clinic hours.

Please note the Student Health Center does not file private insurance, please contact your insurance company regarding reimbursement.

Fees range from $5-12 depending on the number of injections required. Prior to receiving allergy injections at the Student Health Center, please complete the following:

  • Download an allergy packet or request a copy be mailed to you from the Immunizations office at Student Health Center. Have the necessary forms completed by your allergist;
  • Make an appointment at Student Health Center for an allergy consultation (704‑687‑7400).
  • To the appointment, please bring the completed Request for Injection Form, including a written order from the prescribing allergist,  vials of allergy extracts, and a record of recent injections (minumum of 2 dates with dose and response recorded)
  • Carefully read and sign the allergy clinic agreement that indicates willingness to comply with the guidelines for receiving allergy injections at the Student Health Center.