Message about the Zika Virus

Many members of the UNC Charlotte community will travel abroad this summer, including Central and South America and the Caribbean.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has issued a travel notice for many countries in these areas because of the Zika virus, which has received widespread news coverage in recent months.

People infected with the Zika virus infrequently develop symptoms and if they do, symptoms are usually mild. Pregnant women, however, are at a greater risk because of birth defects that have been linked to the virus.

While travel to impacted countries hasn’t been banned, individuals should exercise caution to prevent mosquito bites. Men who become infected should also take precautions to avoid infecting their sex partners.

We have prepared FAQs that will provide you with more information about the Zika virus, its symptoms and prevention.

It is important to remember there have been no reports of any mosquito-borne infections in North Carolina. Any incidents of the virus have resulted from travel outside of the country.

Visit the CDC's website for the latest information to keep you and your loved ones safe, particularly if your summer plans will take you to an impacted country.